Your Event on their calendar

Get out of email reminder hell and enter the world of Calendar Marketing for your live events - webinars, seminars, tradeshows - any time-based event that needs to be ON THE SCHEDULE. Send the first email with MailChimp or Constant Contact, and when the click to register, skip it and send a CALENDAR invite instead.

Once you start using us, you'l never go back to sending endless reminder emails again. Just give us a test run, analyze the results from using Calendar Marketing - and you'll wonder why you having been doing it for years.

Embed in Email

Using MailChimp, Constant Contact or Exact Target (Pardot)? Embed your event link directly into your invitation email. With one click, an invitation is on the way.

Embed for Websites

Embed a calendar invite into any webpage that accepts either a standard link or iFrame. That means, your website, WordPress, Social Media, almost anywhere on the web - and you have a calendar invite ready to go. Put in an email, and an invitation is send.

Create Multiple Events

Create invitations for events with multiple times. It's drop dead simple, just duplicate the event, edit the start and end time, and your embed are ready to use - either email them out or put them on your website.

Our numbers are growing everyday, time to add yours